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The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a Section 8/Public Housing program designed to help participants become economically independent and self-sufficient. Regulations and guidelines are provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The program is administered by the Lancaster City Housing Authority, 325 Church Street, Lancaster, PA 17602.

The FSS program is a five year program, in which the participant works with the Staff to set short-term, intermediate and long-range goals. On-going support is given to the participants as they face barriers to self-sufficiency.

The FSS Staff

Each FSS program has differing benefits and resources based on their community resources. Working with local agencies, which can provide needed services to the participant, the FSS coordinator links the participant and these services.

LCHA believes that with full-time employment, participants will gain self-esteem and motivation helping them to become independent of government assistance.

To request Pre-enrollment contact Timothy Burchett at (717) 471-0151 or by email at tburchett@lchapa.com.

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The First Step

After acceptance into the program, the participant then meets with the Staff to come up with goals and sign his/her Contract of Participation. Each participant's contract states his/her rights and responsibilities during their participation time. Also the needs of the participant and/or family will be evaluated and addressed at this time.

Setting Goals

An Individual Training and Services Plan is created, based on the participants needs and future goals. There are specific steps and goals given for the participant, so he/she may successfully complete the contract.

In order to complete the contract's a participant must not be receiving Welfare Cash Assistance for 1 year and must be employed.

Contact the Section 8 Program Office to find out more about the FSS Program.

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LCHA Susquehanna Court homes

What's in it for You?

In addition to the personal growth you receive by achieving your goals, you may also attain an escrow account.

During the contract period a portion of this rent increase will be put into an interest earning escrow account, which will be held until you complete your contract.

If you are not receiving government assistance, have not received assistance for 12 consecutive months, and have met your goals, you may receive your escrow account at that time.

Community Building

FSS provides ongoing support, which includes individualized support from the coordinator, and peer support from the FSS support group.

An FSS participant can build their leadership skills and create new networks within the community.

FSS addresses the real barriers participants face in attaining employment and self-sufficiency. The participants define these barriers, as well as the personal strengths they have gained.

FSS participants are given a five year time frame in which to meet their goals. These goals can be revised as their situations change.

FSS participants will receive information, education and referrals to facilitate their search for self-sufficiency. This can include educational resources, job training, job search and job survival skills.

As a FSS participant moves out of the system, their housing subsidies are available for others who are waiting to enter the FSS program.